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Buzz 46: 10 Demons Every Woman Faces: How To Tackle Them & Emerge Victorious

1. Lack Of Education

It can’t be denied that India’s formal education system does not provide the skills that children require to earn a livelihood. Adolescent girls in India are especially disadvantaged, also given their low school enrollment rates. They are among the most economically vulnerable groups who typically lack access to financial capital and have limited opportunities to gain the education, knowledge, and skills that can lead to economic advancement.

2. Minimal Menstruation Hygiene

Still considered taboo in many parts of the country, periods and related topics are rarely discussed in the open. Although menstruation has been a part of a woman’s life for nearly half her life span, there is so much confusion regarding the same. For centuries, people everywhere had stated how a woman on her period was extremely impure. From superstitions to evil practises and discrimination, menstruation has been the basis for it all.

3. Dowry Harassment

In India, 21 women die every day due to dowry-related violence. Marriage, an institution of utmost importance and a practice of sanctity in India, is seeing visible cracks in its foundation. While dowry and domestic violence are not new, the fact that these evil practices still exist shocks the common people.

4. Mental Health Issues

However much we deny, the fact remains that Indian women are told to “work through it” or “shake it off”. From downplaying menstrual cramps to delayed diagnosis of life-threatening diseases, women face a huge disparity when it comes to their health. This is especially true when it comes to mental health.

5. Sexual Harassment

How many times have you travelled by public transport and had a hand brush against you? Forcefully? Or had a lingering eye following the collarbone area of your top, slowly dropping lower. From public spaces and transport to offices, women face sexual harassment everywhere. The #MeToo movement saw women across various industries—media, news, politics, corporate—coming out and sharing their sexual harassment experiences.

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