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Busting 5 Myths About The LGBTQIA+ Community

Myth 1: Everyone from the LGBTQIA+ community leads promiscuous lives.

Reality: This is the impression that people who denied Saisha the right to donate blood have about the LGBTQIA+ community – that they are promiscuous. They have multiple partners at the same time, yeh log safe sex practice nahi karte, and so on and so forth. Toh yeh log STD STI failate hai.

Myth 2: Homosexuality is a choice.

Reality: Sexual orientation is something that an individual is born with. It is intrinsic to one’s self. Neither does one have an option of choosing their sexuality, nor do they have the choice to change it. Gender can be changed through surgery, unlike sexual orientation. Trying to change it forcefully will only make them go against their true nature, making them go into further depression and possible drug abuse.

Myth 3: Your sexual orientation and gender identity is determined by your biological gender.

Reality: Gender has nothing to do with sexual orientation. At times, they may be completely different entities. Someone born as a male may not identify as a male from within after the sexual orientation becomes pronounced on growing up. The concept of biological gender is misleading and is a myth, and the result of social construct.

Myth 4: An individual who is male according to his biological sex but feels like a female is still a male.

Reality: To repeat, gender and sexual orientation are completely different concepts. Being born as a male doesn’t mandatorily imply that the individual is male and will be attracted to a female. The individual may be born with a male sexual organ but may feel like a female from inside, and may be sexually inclined to individuals who identify as a male or a female, or both.

Myth 5: A bisexual may become lesbian or gay later on.

Reality: Bisexuality is a sexual orientation. Such individuals feel sexually inclined to both men and women. It remains so even when they choose to be in a relationship with an individual of the same or the opposite gender. A bisexual individual who looks like a male does not become a male or a straight person if the partner is a female.

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