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Bookmark Ideas You Can Experiment With If You Are Creative Bookworn

When it comes to DIY bookmarks, the sky’s the limit. Whether you don’t mind making a run to the nearest supply store or you just want to use up the material lying about in your house, you are sure to find an idea that’ll fit your requirements.

Things you’ll need: – Card stock – A pair of scissors – Marker or pen in your choice of colour – Hole puncher – Ribbon Method: 1. Cut the cardstock in your choice of measurement. 2. Write your favourite quote on it. 3. You can use colours and sequences to add more pizzaz to your bookmark. 4. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark. 5. Insert the ribbon in the hole and double knot it.

Favourite Quote Bookmark

Things you’ll need: – Yarn – A pair of scissors – Cardboard – Cardstock – Hole puncher Method: 1. Wrap the yarn about 80 times around the piece of cardboard, which is about 3 inches wide. 2. Slide a piece of yarn on one side of the yarn wrapped around the cardboard and double knot it. 3. Cut all the yarn on the opposite side. 4. Make the head of the tassel by tying another piece of yarn near the top. 5. Trim the end of the tassel. 6. Cut the piece of the card stock and punch the hole at the top of it. 7. Insert the yarn through the hole and double knot it and cut the excess yarn.

Tassels Bookmark

Materials needed: – Cardstock – Magnetic strips – Scissors – Glue – Washi tape Method: 1. Cut a piece of cardstock and fold it in half. 2. Decorate it with washi tape. You can use other decorative materials to give it a personal touch. 3. Cut the magnetic strips to the size and glue one on each side of the cardstock.

Magnetic Bookmarks

Things you’ll need: – Leather – Scissors – Leather punch – Rivets – Hammer Method: 1. Cut out the leather to your desired size of bookmark. 2. Cut another small section for the top flap. 3. Punch a hole at the top of the bookmark and each side of the top flap. 4. Fold the flap over the bookmark. 5. Line up the holes and put the rivet in place and hammer it lightly.

Leather Bookmarks

Things you’ll need: – Fabric – A pair of scissors – Sewing machine – Ribbon Method: 1. Cut two pieces of fabric into whatever measurement you want your bookmark to be. 2. Put fabrics together and stitch the edges, leaving the opening at the top for the ribbon. 3. Insert the ribbon into the opening and stitch the top of the bookmark.

Fabric Bookmarks

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