Beauty Secrets To Get Birthday Girl Disha Patani’s Lioness-Like Hair

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1. GOOD OL' CHAMPI FOR HAIR & SCALP Disha loves a good hair and scalp massage with nourishing hair oils like olive seed oil. 

2. USE A MILD SHAMPOO The diva washes her hair twice or thrice a week with a mild shampoo, irrespective of how busy her shooting schedule is. 

3. ALWAYS FOLLOW IT UP WITH A CONDITIONER She religiously follows up every shampoo session with a condition that is suitable for her hair type.

4. SERUM TO CONCLUDE THE HAIR CARE REGIMEN Her hair care routine remains incomplete with applying a good hair serum after her shampoo-conditioning routine.

5. GIVE HEATING TOOLS A MISS She steers clear of using such tools, unless she is at a shoot location.