Beauty Products You Should Have In Your Bridal Kit


The base of your makeup look depends on the foundation. It acts as a base to create a blemish-free canvas for the best bridal makeup. So pick a foundation that’s suitable for your skin type and tone. The key is to make sure your foundation matches your skin colour perfectly as makeup looks best when it’s natural and not overdone. Brides should opt for a full coverage foundation to achieve a more dramatic look.


Once you have applied the best foundation for oily skin, you can conceal all the flaws on your skin with your concealer. Hide all your blemishes, acne marks, dark circles, or other marks with the help of an oily skin concealer. This is especially important for brides since the photos and videos will catch all angles of your face with clarity.

Colour Corrector

Remember watching makeup artists on YouTube using weird red, orange, green, purple products on the face? Those are colour correctors and most makeup artists that work on movies, series, photoshoots and even weddings use this product. Now even you have access to a colour corrector that helps cover up various problem areas.

Setting Powder

Another addition to your list of makeup items is a setting powder. You can use some setting powder on your foundation or the places you applied concealer to keep it in place. Setting powder essentially makes sure everything is matte, controls shine and in place for a long duration. You could also pick a translucent version, as it can be used by any skin tone.


A well-contoured face can transform your entire look, as it brings out your best features for the world to appreciate. Contouring techniques allow you to highlight different features of your face by creating an effect of light and shadow by using different shades of makeup, thereby accentuating your facial structure.