Beauty Expert Shahnaz Husain Shares 10 Natural Ways To Colour Your Hair & 5 Tips To Maintain The Colour

Whether it’s about experimenting with our look or to cover the greys, we all have different reasons for colouring our hair. There’s always the option of getting it done at a salon but are you ready for the side effects of the harmful chemicals involved? What if you could try some homemade hair dyes and achieve almost similar results?

Coloured Hair Needs Extra Love & Care

It is true that dyeing your hair is the easiest and quickest way to don a completely new look that is welcome. However, it is also true that dyeing your hair demands extra care and attention due to the simple reason that exposing the hair to chemical colours would alter its texture. To prevent harmful effects on the  hair, pre-emptive measures can be taken to give your hair additional nourishment and care. This is the reason why natural hair colours are highly recommended as they do not harm the integrity of the hair fibres. Using organic and herbal dyes would also ensure nourishing the hair strands and roots, helping better hair growth. Here are some easy tips on how to clean hair brush at home.

10 Diys For Colouring Your Hair At Home 1. Brewed Coffee

Coffee is a quicker hair dyeing solution and it has a very transient effect, so you can try out other colour options. Method: 1. Take a cup of roasted coffee and boil it for 2-3 minutes. 2. Mix the coffee reduction with leave-in air conditioner. 3. Make sure to apply the mixture on damp hair and rinse it off after an hour.

2. Beetroot

Beetroot has a vibrant burgundy colour and has enduring results. Moreover beetroot enhances the blood circulation in scalp aiding hair growth. Method: 1. Take a beetroot and cut it into small pieces, mix a teaspoon of coconut oil and one teaspoon honey. 2. Filter this mixture and apply it on hair for an hour. 3. Rinse the pulp off your hair with mild shampoo.

3. Pomegranate

Abundant with dark red colour pigment called anthocyanin, pomegranates are a great natural dyeing option. Different gradients of the red shade ranging from light pink to blood red can be attained. Method: 1. Blend the pomegranate seeds and boil until you attain a moderately thick consistency. 2. Then add a quarter of lemon juice for the dye to remain intact for longer duration.

This one is a classic. Method: 1. Squeeze out 4-5 fresh lemons and gently brush thoroughly on your hair. 2. Let the juice sit on your hair for 2-3 hours and you can also consider sitting in the sun for a better lightening effect. 3. Repeat application of lemon juice again if necessary.

4. Lemon Juice