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Beautiful International Destinations For Budget Travellers

1. Morocco

History, culture, spicy foods, gorgeous landscapes, and friendly locals characterise the spectacular country that’s Morocco. Regardless of your interest, you’ll find something which will make you fall in love with this country. It’s a peaceful and safe country to travel in, which makes it increasingly popular amongst tourists. Morocco is crammed with interesting cities, each unique in its legacies, foods, and people. There’s such a lot to discover throughout the country.

2. Vietnam Vietnam may be a country that reveals itself only to the determined seeker. Located in Southeast Asia, you’ll stumble upon numerous things in this gem of a country in a budget-friendly way. It nestles the most important cave of Asia, Halong Bay, islands, forests, religious places and more. The Marble Mountains and green paddy farms cobbled together to convince you to go to this place at least once.

3. Indonesia Indonesia is a tourist magnet among avid travellers looking for an inexpensive adventure. Situated between the Indian and therefore the Pacific Oceans, it’s the world’s largest island country with untouched blue waters, beautiful marine life, and amazing corals.

4. Turkey Bordered by eight countries and surrounded by three seas, Turkey’s fascinating location merges with its’ eastern charm. If you are a fan of historic places, Istanbul may be a delight. Also called ‘The land beneath the half-moon’, Turkey may be a country of many worlds with intriguing cultures, scintillating mosques and palaces, ancient cities and delicious food that leave you mesmerised!

5. Sri Lanka With mesmeric beaches, quaint locations, significant monuments, hill stations, bustling cities and scrumptious seafood with places that’ll serve you with peace and chaos. If you would like city life, then Colombo and Negombo are the simplest choices. If the weather is pleasant, visit the tea plantations, and waterfalls like Nuwara, Eliya and Kandy that will leave you captivated.

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