Assertiveness At Work - How To Be Assertive As A Woman

By: Akshita Gupta  For: Date: 17th March 2023

1. Communicate With Clarity Assertive communication requires you to explain your needs in a confident and clear manner. Do not give excuses for your needs, rather declare them. This does not require you to be aggressive, but firm. Remember to stick to your needs and not waiver.

2. Use Your Body Language Non-verbal gestures and body language can be used to demonstrate self-assertiveness. Maintaining eye contact, raising your volume, and taking up space are simple methods of making your presence known to others. Reach out to others and talk more with people around you.

3. Use ‘I’ Statements While the way you speak and the tonality is critical, it’s equally paramount to look at the content. Assertiveness skills require using ‘I’ statements, for example – “I work better when..”, “I would like to show you some of our products” and similar other statements.

4. Value Yourself When learning how to be more assertive at work, one must first learn to value themselves and their rights. This stems from having the self-confidence that your work has value and that you are an integral part of the organization.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice Like every other skill, assertiveness requires practice. You can practice being assertive by role-playing the scenario with a friend before a big meeting or interview or even create a script for yourself with all the main talking points noted down.