Apps For Couples That You Can Use To Maintain A Healthy Long Distance  Relationship


Almost everything in modern life is virtual. From books to meetings, everything is on a screen. In times like these, Touchnote allows you to send a customised and tangible postcard to your love. Sending the postcard is a quick and hasslefree exercise.


Remember the watch Juhi Chawla and Sunny Deol wore in Darr where you could press a button to let your partner know when you are thinking of them? Nujj does just that without you having to buy a watch. When both partners download the app, they can give each other a nudge by simply shaking their own phone. Features: – Nujj gives your partner a gentle nudge on their phone when you shake yours. How To Use: 1. Download the app on your and your partner’s phone 2. Register and begin the “nujjing” 3. Tell your partner how many times you think of them by simply shaking your phone. Benefits: – Expressing love is made simple and quick – All it takes to connect with your partner is a simple shake of the phone.


While it may seem like a health-related app, it actually isn’t. Although it does do a lot of good to the health of your relationship. Avocado makes it possible for you to chat and share things with your partner in private. Everything on the app is encrypted, so there is no need for you to worry about people snooping on your phone anymore. Features: – Avocado allows the partners to share photos, messages to-do lists and also sketches exclusively with one another.


This app is most suited for couples who are in the process of getting to know one another. Since there is only so much you can decipher by talking, texting or video calling someone, the app promotes meaningful conversations that unravel the real self of both partners. What makes this app is unique is that while the partners can choose to keep their thoughts private, there is also an option to post things in the community of other couples.


Sex is an important constituent of a healthy relationship. When long-distance makes tender love and care impossible, Desire app comes to your rescue. This app makes the relationship more fun, sensual and exciting. The USP of the app is that there are some games which do not require a WiFi connection. This means that you can get the fun started while your partner is on the flight to see you.