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All Your Questions About Face Oils Answered By Kama Ayurveda’s Dr Sharad Kulkarni

The skincare industry is churning out new product categories every day and face oils seemed to be the latest must-have product for every skin type, in every weather. Whether you seek firmer skin, a brighter glow or deeper hydration, there’s a formula promising to deliver. But oil for Indians is inherently a beauty-duty treatment rather than an indulgence. Blame the age-old association of a good ol’ champi with oil! But while we desi women have been oiling our hair all our life, adding oil to your skincare routine is new for many. Kama Ayurveda’s in-house specialist Dr Sharad Kulkarni talks about the different kinds of face oils, how to find one for your skin type, and how to introduce it into your existing beauty routine.

1. What are face oils & what’s usually their base ingredient? Facial oils are oils which can be used or applied on the face for multiple benefits. They are usually enriched with herbs that are known to be good for the skin. Some common herbs include: – Kumkuma – Aloe vera – Manjistha – Tea tree – Moringa – Orange – Rosehip The oil base usually is coconut, sesame, almond and some other common oils we’ve been using in our hair or body for years.

2. What is the difference between a carrier and an essential oil? Essential oils are distilled extraction oils from aromatic parts of a plant or tree. They shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin. Carrier oils are those which are thick and form the base. They are used to dilute essential oils to allow penetration of the essential oil into the skin. Some common essential oils include: – Lavender oil – Tea tree oil Some common carrier oils include: – Almond oil – Coconut oil – Avocado oil – Argan oil

3. How do facial oils work on one’s skin? How should you choose the right face oil for your skin type? A component of the Pitta dosha termed as Bhrajaka Pitta resides in the skin, and is responsible for absorption of facial oils applied on the skin.  Also check out these effective home remedies for pitta dosha. Facial oils like Kumkumadi Oil and Moringa Oil formulated with natural oils are completely safe for all skin types. They can be applied directly to the skin every day without having to worry about any side effects. – Dry skin: Based out of Sesame, Almond – Sensitive skin: Highly diluted essential oils

4. Can you skip a moisturiser if you put face oil? When in the day and in which step in the skincare routine must one use face oils? Yes, you can skip moisturising your skin if you use a facial oil. It is better to use a facial oil at night, as that allows better absorption. If you still wish to use a moisturiser, then the oil can also be used with a moisturiser, by incorporating 1-2 drops and massaging it all over the face. Check out these recipes for homemade moisturisers to nourish your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. The face oil goes on last in your skincare routine. Cleanse > Exfoliate > Tone > Moisturise > Seal with face oil or serum.

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