Alia Bhatt's Monsoon Skincare Secrets: Effortlessly Glowing and Gorgeous!

– Gel-Based Face Wash: Use a gel-based face wash to cleanse your skin gently without over-drying it.

– Cooling Body Mists: Spritz cooling body mists on your skin to stay refreshed and smell delightful throughout the day.

– Herbal Hair Rinse: Rinse your hair with herbal infusions like chamomile or hibiscus to add shine and nourishment.

– Antioxidant-Rich Foods: Incorporate antioxidant-rich foods like berries and leafy greens into your diet for healthy skin.

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– Detoxifying Face Masks: Apply detoxifying face masks once a week to draw out impurities and achieve clearer skin.

– Breathable Clothing: Opt for light and breathable fabrics like cotton to stay comfortable in humid weather.

– Floral Hair Accessories: Add a touch of flair to your hair with floral hair accessories for a cute and feminine look.

– Cooling Foot Soak: Treat your feet to a cooling foot soak to relieve tiredness and keep them soft and supple.