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9 Period Products By Indian Brands You Didn’t Know You Needed

Tab meri periods ka time hai yaar, travel dates change kar. Yaa, meri shaadi ke time pe yeh aane wala hai, pehle se pill pop kar lena padega. That’s how much you abhor your period days for spoiling your freedom. But what if there are a host of period products that help you lead a normal life even on those days – products that you are perhaps unaware of still. As we near Menstrual Hygiene Day (28th May), here’s a list of 9 hatke period products that are game-changers in their own right. They enable you to #BeALittleMore and jio life khulke.

1. Nua Ultra Thin Rash-Free Sanitary Pads 3XL+5L+4R With Disposable Covers (12 Pieces)

Nua sanitary napkins are made from premium quality non-woven fabric with an ultra-absorbent core, which converts period blood into gel while trapping it. The cruelty-free pads are devoid of prints, toxic chemicals, and fragrances on their top layer to eliminate the scope of irritation, rashes, and infections.

2. Sirona Periods Made Easy Tampon – Heavy Flow (20 Pieces)

Crafted with 100% viscose fibres, Sirona tampons are ultra-soft and offer a good absorbency of up to 8 hours. Not only are they leak-proof, they are also safe for the skin. Once you unwrap the tampon string and pull it out quickly, give the hollow at the end of the tampon a slight push and then remove the foil’s top part. 

3. Evergreen Small Menstrual Cups (Pack Of 1, 23ml Capacity)

Evergreen menstrual cups can be simply inserted into your vagina for comfortable period days. These cups, made from silicone, slide right in without you even feeling it. The suction seal fits in perfectly while the suction ensures lesser cramps. With these cups, gone are the days of painful pad rashes, uncomfortable wetness, and the fear of leakage and infections.

4. Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patches For Period Pain (Pack Of 3)

Carmesi Cramp-Relief Heat Patches are especially designed to soothe period pain and ensure painless menstruation. These air-activated heat patches are crafted with eco-friendly ingredients and are safe, convenient, and easy to use.

5. Nua Uplift Period Nutrition Drink Mix (5 Pieces)

Menstruation and its associated symptoms like cramps and pain sap your energy. Period is also accompanied by other symptoms like bloating, gut conditions, low moods, breast tenderness, among others. And this is exactly what Nua Uplift Period Nutrition Drink Mix addresses with their nutritious yet yummy drink mixes.

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