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9 Must Have Dupattas In Every Woman’s Wardrobe

1. Phulkari  

This dupatta is marked by intricate and multi-colored embroidery and is perfect for those who like to mix and match.

2. Bandhani/ Bandhej  

Bandhej basically means tie and dye, a fashion trend that is all the rage these days. These dupattas come in different fabrics

3. Chanderi  

Chanderi dupattas look elegant and luxurious and go well with outfits made from linen, zari, cotton, and tussar silk among others

4. Banarasi Silk  

With so many celebs including them in their outfits recently, the Banarasi dupattas are in style once again

5. Mirror Work  

Want something that is traditional yet modern? Mirror work dupattas are just what you need!

6. Chiffon And Net  

Chiffon is a lightweight and flimsy fabric that is soft on the skin and easy to work with

7. Ikat  

These simple yet classy dupattas come in vibrant colors and are made of breathable and soft fabric.

8. Kalamkari  

Although the kalamkari technique has its origins in Persian culture, kalamkari designs are a true representation of our rich culture and heritage

9. Zari  

The regal Zari dupattas add an unmatched grandeur to any outfit they are paired with. Want to keep it classy yet glam at the next event you attend?

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