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9 Benefits Of Protein Water (& What It Is & Its Uses)

The weather has definitely gotten hotter and dryer, and what better way than to hydrate with a much-needed glass of Protein Water? Yes, you read that right! A cooling, hydrating, and deliciously flavoured water infused with something you constantly lack – protein. The human body always requires the goodness of protein in a hassle-free refreshing form, to help strike a balance between daily life and the nutrition you need to keep up with it. Apart from providing you with nourishing and replenishing your protein intake. th The Channel 46, Ananth B Prabhala, Founder of Aquatein, India’s First Protein Water, explains what protein water is, its benefits, what sets it apart from regular drinking water, and who it is for, and more.

9 Benefits Of Protein Water

1. High Protein Content Protein water is the easiest way for you to consume protein, while you’re workout and otherwise, giving your body what it needs the most.

2. Easily Digestible Protein

There are certain proteins like fish that are easy to digest, thus, proving to be light on your digestive system. On the other hand, there are other protein sources like lentils, red meat, etc. that take more time to digest. Protein water is made of easily digestible proteins that help you power through the day, unlike most ready-to-eat proteins that require you to consume loads of water after its consumption.

3. A Blend Of Hydration, Health, Convenience & Taste

Protein water was created for the modern-day need where health, taste and convenience are required simultaneously. It’s made to give you the nutrients you require, along with hydration. Besides, its yummy taste makes you want to drink more of it every now and then, enabling you to meet your daily water as well as protein intake.

4. Perfect Workout Companion

Protein water is a perfect workout companion whether you train with weights, get your heart pumping with a cardiovascular routine or any other way you choose to stay healthy. It keeps your thirst quenched while providing the protein in a light, refreshing, fat-free, carb-free form.

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