8 Tips For Hosting A Perfect Mother's Day Brunch Party At Home


1. Plan the brunch menu ideas according to what your mom will, leaving a little room for what you can manage to cook.

2. Plan the menu and other brunch ideas well in advance, so there are no last minute hitches. 

3. Keep some time aside for trying out the recipes, so you get a fair idea where you might need to improve. 

4. Keep the table linen, plates and cutlery handy. Count them to ensure you have enough for the number of guests you’re going to invite.

5. Invite your guests at the earliest, so they have enough time to confirm their presence.

6. Mull over whether you’d like to choose a theme for the party to make the women feel extra special. 

7. Prepare a playlist of the music your mom would like to set the mood for the party.

8. All the other mom-like personalities among the invites also deserve equal love and recognition. So, don’t forget to raise a toast to them as well.