8 Organic Naario Products You Should Have In Your Pantry

1. 9-In-1 Atta Mix: This flour mix is a combination of 9 ingredients—chana (chickpeas), flaxseeds, oats, ragi, jau (barley), soybean, and maize; but the superfoods are the two millets, jowar (foxtail millet) and bajra (pearl millet).

2. Organic Jaggery Powder With Chai Masala: Inspired by Ayurveda, this concoction is a blend of jaggery (gur), derived from organic sugarcane juice, and chai masala, curated from spices of impeccable quality.

3. Classic Muesli: With a mix of ingredients rich in fibre, antioxidants, vitamin E, proteins, zinc, magnesium, and fibre, the muesli is a great way to kickstart your day.

4. Lucknowi Masala: Tried and tested, this Lucknow masala is going to make your biryanis, kebabs and marinades taste like fine Indian cuisine. The spice blend includes ingredients that aid digestion, & is high in iron, vitamin C and calcium.

5. All-Rounder Garam Masala: The spices in garam masala are said to boost immunity, fight oral bacteria, & aid digestion. And the best part? Unlike other garam masalas, this one does not cause heartburn & acidity!

6. Organic Jaggery Powder: A constant in our grandma’s kitchen, jaggery is widely known for its health benefits when it comes to keeping cold & cough under check, cleansing the respiratory tract, purifying blood, & improving immunity.

7. Filter Coffee Decoction: Coffee is known to have a host of benefits like improved metabolism, better heart health, & better digestion. What’s more, it protects the body from physical stress & is good for your skin, too.

8. Rose Sherbet: A summer favourite, rose sherbet is a touch of relief on your parched lips on a sultry afternoon. Its cooling & therapeutic properties enhance skin health, strengthen the digestive system, & relieve stress.