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8 Facts You Need To Know About Osteoporosis

The Raaz actor Bipaha Basu was diagnosed with osteoporosis way back in 2012. She decided to take control of her life by keeping her weight under check through a rigorous weight training fitness routine. She has spoken at several interviews about how her medical condition is a life-long one and has to be kept under control through therapy.

Since the risk of osteoporosis increases with age, it can sometimes become difficult to diagnose the condition as most people above 60 take these subtle signs of discomfort as usual.

Osteoporosis impacts many people and is generally the cause of 60 to 70 percent of all fractures in older people above 65 years.

A fragile fracture is the most common form of osteoporosis, a metabolic disease characterised by gradual micro-architectural deterioration of bone.

It can also mean the gradual reduction in the density of calcium that is present in the bone.

Approximately two-thirds of post-menopausal women have osteoporosis, which has become a silent epidemic leading to a loss in quality of life.

Women are at twice the risk of getting osteoporosis than men. In men, cases of osteoporosis generally occur after the age of 70.

Underweight or lean people are more prone to suffer from osteoporosis than obese people.

While age is a definite risk factor for osteoporosis, there is no doubt that this condition is a lifestyle disease as well. This means that it is possible to prevent osteoporosis before the onset of its symptoms by making simple lifestyle changes.

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