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8 Do’s & Don’ts Of Breaking Navratri Fast

1. Start with a light and simple meal.

2. Break your fast with fresh, seasonal fruits, devoid of sendha namak or sugar.

3. Incorporate green, leafy vegetables that you are not allowed to consume while you’re fasting.

4. Have a bowl of yoghurt after breaking a fast as it is full of nutrients and probiotics.

5. Introduce lentils, other grains, and non-vegetarian food into your diet gradually as they may be difficult to digest if you consume them immediately after breaking your fast.

6. Hydrate yourself with water half an hour before or half an hour after your meal time. Remember water cannot be replaced with fruit juices.

7. Don’t break your fast with fried foods and high calorie desserts as it may cause constipation and/or acidity.

8. Make sure not to overeat.

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