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8 Bucketlist Honeymoon Experiences In Turkey

1. The Hagia Sofia and Blue Mosque

Even if you’re not a history buff like me, these two are a must do, just to admire the sheer beauty of these monuments. Quick tip: Do remember to wear modest clothing and carry a scarf to cover your head as these are necessary rules to visit most mosques in Turkey.

2. The Bazaar in Istanbul

While most of us in India are no strangers to streetside markets, open bazaars like the Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar often have fun experiences of shopping for traditional Turkish ceramics, spices, jewellery, clothing and even food like nuts and other Turkish delights.

3. The Hot Air Balloon Ride In Cappadocia

Can anything be more romantic than the two of you watching the sunrise as you float over the picturesque mountains and valleys? Even if you’ve seen pictures on your friend’s Instagram, I promise you no picture does justice to the gorgeous view of hundreds of hot air balloons going up all at once. Once-in-a-moment lifetime, this is!

4. A Hammam Experience

The traditional Turkish spa (combined with a massage). While most hammams have separate chambers for men and women, some of them might be able to accommodate you as a couple in a private room. Spend some time relaxing with each other as you go through an entire experience of a spa, a foam bath and an oil massage, together. You won’t regret it, I promise!

5. The Sunset Bosphorus Cruise In Istanbul

Get your mini-Titanic moment, as you spend quality time on a cruise watching the sunset over the beautiful skyline of Istanbul. Quick tip: Try an afternoon and an evening cruise experience as compared to one at night; the views in the sunlight are a lot prettier.

6. Trying Turkish Tea & Coffee

If you like tea and coffee dates with your someone special, you’re in the right place! Tea and coffee are both integral parts of Turkish culture. And you have countless cafes serving both of these. While they taste different from the regular tea and coffee you’re probably used to having, they’re definitely a must-try, in my opinion.

7. Walking

One of my favourite things to do abroad is walk and explore on foot, something we unfortunately do not do a lot of in India. Thanks to mostly pleasant weather and proper walking streets, you can take advantage of this and walk hand-in-hand with your partner. Your 10,000 daily steps will be a cakewalk.

8. Trying Out A Completely Different Experience

During our trip, we tried our hands at learning multiple things. A beginner’s lesson in pottery making. A Turkish cooking class. A scuba diving session. A walking tour of Istanbul. And, I believe, each experience helped us create memories we will cherish forever. I would definitely recommend this to a couple, and spending quality time doing or learning something new really helps create strong bonding time.

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