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7 Ways To Deal With A Stuck Menstrual Cup, According To A Gynaec

Periods can be a difficult time for any woman and if a menstrual cup gets stuck inside the vagina, in a matter of seconds, it can turn into a real panic situation for them. Some women find it simple to remove the cup, while others become overwhelmed and fear it may become trapped forever. It might be difficult to gain a firm hold on your cup or to break the seal. If the cup migrates farther up the vaginal canal or creates a seal against your cervix, this might happen. In collaboration with The Channel 46, Dr. Madhavi Reddy, Consultant – Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, Motherhood Hospitals, explains whether losing the menstrual cup inside the vagina is possible and advises on what to do if it gets stuck in there.

What Is A Menstrual Cup & How Does It Work?

Monthly cups are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly option to sanitary pads and tampons for menstrual hygiene. While they have been present since the 1930s, their use has only recently become mainstream. A menstrual cup is a little cup-shaped object made from soft silicone that is put into the vaginal canal to collect blood throughout the menstrual cycle.

3 Reasons Why A Menstrual Cup Can Get Stuck In There

1. Suction or body motions may have caused the cup to slide up towards the cervix. 2. It is possible that the cup has dislodged. It must be positioned in the vaginal canal at an oblique angle. 3. It is possible that the vacuum and suction are too powerful, making it difficult to remove the cup. This is more likely to happen if the cup is a greater size than what you require.

7 Ways To Remove A Stuck Menstrual Cup

1. Take A Deep Breath & Relax Try to relax by taking a deep breath. It may seem contradictory or impossible, but the truth is that the calmer you are, the better you will be. When you are scared or panic, your muscles stiffen up, making removal considerably more difficult. Keep in mind that there is only one route for your cup to go: out. 

2. Clean Your Hands While attempting to remove your cup, clean and sterilise your hands to avoid spreading germs or harmful microorganisms into your vaginal area. 3. Attempt To Remove Your Cup In A Normal Manner Give your standard cup removal method another shot, even if you’ve tried before. It is likely that you only need one more effort to remove your cup. To determine if you can remove your cup properly, follow the removal instructions that come with your menstrual cup.

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