7 Symptoms Of Depression During Pregnancy, Causes, Treatment & Bahut Kuchh

Causes Of Prenatal Depression

No one exactly knows the cause of depression but when it comes to pregnancy, hormones have a significant role to play in it. Hormones play a major role in controlling your brain chemistry and moods. Depression is also believed to be associated with genetics. If anyone in your family had this condition, you are more susceptible to it. Would-be moms are not at fault for going through emotional rollercoasters but knowing the signs and symptoms will help them get the right kind of treatment at the right time.

12 Common Pregnancy Depression Symptoms

Emotional health Problems with sleeping Mood swings Anxiety Appetite changes Withdrawal from family and friends Loss of interest in your hobbies Being unsure of motherhood Suicidal thoughts Excessive or poor weight gain Unhealthy lifestyle habits Lack of proper prenatal care

3 Treatment Options For Depression During Pregnancy

1. Non-drug treatments – Many mothers don’t require medication for the treatment of their depression. Doctors suggest them to go for therapies, support groups, lifestyle changes, etc. 2. Antidepressants – If the symptoms are a bit serious then your doctor will suggest you to go for antidepressants. 3. A Combination Of Therapy & Medication – If the doctor feels that there is a need for both psychotherapy and antidepressants, he/she will probably recommend you to a professional and prescribe you medications that will keep the symptoms of depression under control without harming your unborn child.

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