7 Sex Toys To Turn Up The Heat In Your Bedroom


1. Blindfolds The very basic sex toy for couples that you should add to that secret drawer in your closet is a pair of blindfolds.

2. Puppy Hoods A popular and widely favoured sex toy among the BDSM community, puppy hoods are a must-have if dog-owner bedroom games is a fetishes.

3. Posture Collars Yet another common fetish among BDSM enthusiasts. The collar is the perfect accessory for the myriads of themed dominator-submissive games

4. Yokes A toy straight out of the ultimate fantasy of all BDSM fans, yokes are made of shackles and collars, or cuffs and collars.

5. Mouth Spreaders Similar to ball gags, but with a twist. Mouth spreaders serve the purpose of opening the mouth wide.

6. Canes To describe this toy in one word, impact toys are for spanking.

7. Clitoral Vibrator There are a host of vibrators, each meant to target different parts of your lady bits.