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7 Quirky Ways To Make Your Own Little Coasters

How great would it be to relive your favourite memories while sipping on your favourite drinks. These photo coasters allow you to do just that.

1. DIY Photo Coasters:

Many of us have a container full of leftover assorted glass beads from previous DIY projects. Even if you don’t, these beads are inexpensive and easily available in any craft store.

2. Bead Coasters:

These tile coasters can be easily made with only a handful of materials. This is amongst the resin coaster ideas that provide a great opportunity for showcasing your creativity

3.Tile Coasters:

Resin art is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to home decorations. While these gorgeous pieces look intricate and skillful, a resin coasters DIY is relatively easy to pull off.

4. Resin Coasters

These DIY wood coasters are the ideal choice for people who are attracted to rustic home decor. Making these coasters can be a great way to involve your kids in creative activities

5. Wood Coasters:

Macrame is the art of knotting threads together to make interesting patterns. These DIY macrame coasters will look great on your bedside table or coffee table.

6. Macrame Coasters:

These painted coasters are the perfect piece of art you need for your coffee and dining table. You can choose the intricacy of the paint pattern depending on your painting skills

7. Painted Coaster

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