7 Factors That Have Led To The Increase In PCOS Diagnosis

Expert Talk

1. Better Awareness & Diagnosis Women who are more aware of PCOS and are likely to recognise the symptoms and suspect the condition. 

2. Poor Diet A diet high in refined carbohydrates, sugars, and saturated fat can lead to insulin resistance, a key feature of PCOS. 

3. Lack Of Exercise Regular exercise can improve insulin sensitivity and help regulate hormone levels, which can reduce the severity of PCOS symptoms. 

4. Stress Chronic stress can disrupt the body’s delicate balance of hormones, including those associated with PCOS. 

5. Sleep Disturbances Poor sleep quality or insufficient sleep can disrupt the body’s hormonal balance and worsen PCOS symptoms.

6. Environmental Factors Exposure to certain environmental pollutants and chemicals has been linked to causing PCOS. 

7. Genetic Factors PCOS also has a genetic component. People with a family history of PCOS are more likely to develop the disease.