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7 Effective Tips To Prevent Shoe Bites

Shoe shopping is nothing short of therapeutic. But this wonderful experience is often overshadowed by a little fear at the back of our minds. What if my brand-new shoes end up giving me shoe bites!? If this is how you feel, you aren’t alone because these pesky little things are more common than you think. Shoe bites occur when the inner folds of your shoe constantly rub against your feet. This friction can cause wear and tear of the skin tissue, blisters, corns, rashes, calluses and inflammation. Shoe bites generally occur near the toes or behind the ankle and can be quite painful, especially when you stand or walk. But as inconvenient as they are, it’s not that hard to prevent and treat a shoe bite. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Never ever buy a shoe without trying them on first. And even if you decide to ignore comfort for fashion at the moment, chances are you will regret your decision later. Always be sure about the fit before purchasing footwear!

1. If the inner folds of your shoe seem too rough, rub a little oil along the sides. Do this for a few days to soften the edges.

1. Prevent skin abrasion by wearing socks with your shoes.

1. Use adhesive pads and toe protectors.

Walk around in your new pair of footwear at home for some time. Do this for a day or two to loosen the shoe. Breaking into your shoes before wearing them for long periods can help prevent shoe bites and blisters.

Use a band-aid or paper tape on your foot where you think you may end up with a shoe bite.

Apply petroleum jelly to your feet before putting on your shoe.

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