7 Common Symptoms Of PCOS

Expert Talk

1. Irregular Periods Irregular menstrual cycles can manifest in various forms, ranging from missed periods to a complete absence of menstruation. 

2. Abnormal Hair Growth You may observe excessive facial hair or experience heavy hair growth on your arms, chest and abdomen.

3. Acne & Hair Fall  PCOS can cause acne on your back, chest, and face. 

4. Weight Management  People with PCOS tend to have trouble maintaining a healthy weight. 

5. Darkening Of The Skin  You may see dark skin patches in the folds of your neck, armpits, groin and even under your breasts. 

6. Cysts  Many people with PCOS have ovaries that appear larger with many follicles on ultrasound.

7. Infertility Not ovulating regularly or frequently can result in not being able to conceive.