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7 Baby Shower Planning Tips To Host A Perfect Event

Tips To Plan A Great Baby Shower 1. Select The Right Date And Time

Baby showers are typically held in the 7th month of pregnancy as both the mother and infant are believed to be in the safest phase. This also gives you enough time to choose baby shower return gifts. Hence, be ahead of time and plan in advance!

2. Deciding The Guest List/Venue And Budget

Once the date has been decided, the next part is fixing a budget. One can go overboard with the expenses when it comes to planning an event that’s so special. But avoid doing that. Budget can be determined once the venue and number of guests are taken into account. Choose the venue wisely, depending on the number of people attending the ceremony.

3. Baby Shower Invitations

Once the guest list has been finalised, we now have to get down to giving out the baby shower invitations. You can set the mood for the party by creating an invite that reflects your joy and has information about the event along with the venue, date and time. The baby shower invitations should have all the particulars about the customs, whether it’s a ladies only party or not. Many baby showers today have a BYOB, ‘bring your own baby’ theme so this will account for tiny guests as well. You can also list down the activities planned for the day so that guests can manage their schedule accordingly.

4. Baby Shower Props And Decoration Ideas

Once baby shower invitations are on their way, baby shower decorations need to be decided. Decorations can be selected for walls, tables and the terrace, or the restaurant. They could include balloons, candles, flowers, lanterns, cut-outs or centrepieces. Designs for baby shower decorations can be based on the age of the guests and can vary between being classy and funky.

5. Food

Any party is incomplete without food and drinks. You can decide if you need to keep the menu simple or want a lavish spread. The mom-to-be needs to be consulted here since you can have a significant part of the menu with her favourites. It is her day to enjoy and celebrate, after all! Along with food, hygiene also needs to be taken care of.

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