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6 Ways To Prevent & Treat Period Rashes

1. Move Over Sanitary Napkins If you haven’t already guessed it, sanitary napkins are at the core of these red, itchy rashes developing around your intimate area and the surrounding places near the thighs.

2. Change Your Napkin Every 5-6 Hours Prolonged use of napkins is likely to not just land you into a messy situation as a result of a spillage but may also cause rashes.

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3. Take Care Of Hygiene Down Below Wash your vagina with warm water every few hours to keep the area clean and free of the infection-causing bacteria.

4. Make Good Use Of Talcum Powder Mild talcum powder, more specifically baby powder, absorbs extra moisture, keeping the area clean and dry.

5. Apply Soothing Creams Invest in a calamine-enriched cream that serves as a marham for the itching and pain that the hives cause.