6 Ways To Maintain A Healthy Polyamorous Life

Sexual Health

Psychiatrist and Sexologist Dr Sanjay Kumavat of Fortis Hospital, Mumbai shares 8 vital things to know to have a safe and healthy polyamorous life.

1. Honesty = Healthy Polyamorous Relationship Polyamorous means to have an open intimate relationship with more than one person at a time.

2. Can Handle Multiple Relations At Once You can know if it is right if a person can handle multiple relations at the same time, which are based on love, trust,and consent from their partners.

3. Polyamory Thrives On  Openness, Trust, & integrity The point of polyamory is not secrecy but openness, immense trust, acting with care, integrity, & sharing love

4. Set Ground Rules (Together!)  Emphasise the importance of respect for each other. Trust, honesty, dignity, & respect are cardinal features in this kind of relationship.

5. Consent Is Vital In Polyamory   A crucial aspect of polyamory is time management and learning what one wants and prioritising life accordingly.

6. Honesty, Hygiene, & STI screening Are The Best Practices  Understand clearly what creates  a sense of romantic safety & happiness for yourself.