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6 Tricks Women Entrepreneurs Should Follow - From A Seasoned Entrepreneur

The Channel 46 caught up with Meeta Gutgutia, Founder of Women Listed & Sipping Thoughts, & Co-Founder of Ferns N Petals, who lists some habits women entrepreneurs should practice, based on learnings that she has gathered over the years through her entrepreneurial journey.

Upward & Onward Journey Be a student for life, you’ll only be helping yourself from stagnancy. Someone rightly said that once you stop learning, you stop growing. Every single experience, book, conversation – builds you a little more.

Take A Break Travel is the only experience where you spend money, but become rich. Take time out to explore a new place – big or small, but do it.

Your Compassion Is Your Strength Let your experiences make you grounded, authentic, honest and enable you to empathise with others. Remember, empathy is the strongest armour.

Follow Your Instinct Do not let society’s ‘isms’ make your course correct. Carve your niche! Your dream, your journey has to foremost resonate with you. Follow your instinct, passion, whatever you may name it.

Diversify Do not be afraid to embrace change. Be it course correction or building something from scratch, do it. We want different things at different times. Do not be afraid to embrace change.

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