6 tips: Strength Training and High-Intensity Workouts: Kriti Sanon's Guide to Staying Fit

1. Consistency is key: Kriti emphasizes the importance of being consistent with your workouts. She recommends setting a schedule and sticking to it, even if it means waking up early or working out late at night.

2. Mix up your workouts: Kriti suggests incorporating a variety of exercises into your routine to prevent boredom and challenge your muscles. This can include strength training with weights, bodyweight exercises, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

3. Focus on form: Proper form is essential to prevent injury and get the most out of your workouts. Kriti recommends starting with lighter weights and focusing on technique before increasing the weight.

4. Fuel your body: Kriti stresses the importance of eating a balanced diet that includes plenty of protein, complex carbs, and healthy fats. She also recommends staying hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.

5. Rest and recover: Kriti acknowledges that rest and recovery are just as important as exercise. She recommends taking at least one rest day per week and incorporating stretching and foam rolling into your routine to prevent soreness and injury.

6. Find a workout buddy: Kriti believes that working out with a friend can be motivating and help you stay accountable. She recommends finding a workout buddy who has similar fitness goals and can push you to challenge yourself.