6 Summer Skincare Tips

Beauty Nuskhe

1. Use an all-natural, lightweight, anti-foaming face wash twice a day, one time each before your daily AM and PM skincare routine. 

2. Use a lightweight moisturiser, which is appropriate for the summer, as opposed to heavy cold creams.

3. Dab a broad spectrum sunscreen or sunblock of at least SPF 30 on all the exposed areas  liberally, even when you’re at home. 

4. Keep aside a few pieces of seasonal fruits off your plate for making a DIY face pack or scrub.

5. Sweat it out at the gym, under the sky, or at home for the sweat to unclog the pores and prevent acne breakouts.

6. Keep yourself hydrated at all times with 3 litres of water daily, and add water-rich fresh, seasonal fruits to your diet.