6 Simple Yet Oh-So-Romantic Gestures To Show Your Love


1. Surprise Your Partner With His Favourite Beverage Send your partner his favourite beverage or a meal at his workplace. It’s just the right pickup he needs on a stressful day at work. 

2. Display Affection  Showing your affection towards your partner in any way that works for you is crucial. 

3. Tell Each Other Why You Love Them Giving compliments shouldn’t have to wait for a special day or occasion, make it a part of your routine and remind your love why you love them so much. 

4. Talk It Out  There’s no better connection than communication. If you can talk to your partner about anything and everything, you are building a solid foundation for your relationship. 

5. Be More Touchy-Feely Even if it’s just a hi-goodbye hug before and after coming from work, make an effort to do so. 

6. Shower Together The next time your partner is taking a shower, pop in there with them.