6 Side-Effects Of Smoking In Females

1. Oral Contraceptives Women who use oral contraceptives and smoke are at a higher risk of developing cardiovascular conditions like heart attacks, stroke, and blood clot.

2. Pregnancy Smoking, especially during pregnancy, is likely to have a detrimental effect not on just the mother but the unborn foetus as well.

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3. Infertility Women who smoke and delay childbirth at the same time are more likely to experience difficulty in conceiving and might even experience infertility

4. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease This health condition often causes fertility issues, pelvic adhesions, and even ectopic pregnancies, demanding immediate medical attention in such cases.

5. Premature Menopause Women who smoke are at a whopping 43% higher risk of experiencing menopause before the age of 50 as compared to women who don’t smoke.

6. Hormone Therapy The benefits of oestrogen replacement therapy may get negated among women who smoke. This therapy is a boost for post-menopausal women