6 Reasons Why You Probably Have Smelly Underarms


1. Natural Bodily Function Human bodies are covered with sweat glands that release water to help us cool down, thus enabling us to maintain the required temperature.

2. Health Conditions People with a health condition called hyperhidrosis sweat more than others who do not have the condition. Especially from hands, feet, and armpits.

3. Stress & Anxiety Excessive stress and anxiety are some of the primary reasons why your sweat may smell different.

4. Infections Some infections like HIV, malaria, brucellosis, and endocarditis can also result in secondary hyperhidrosis.

5. Menopause Women undergoing menopause experience foul-smelling odour  as they have a higher chance  of developing hyperhidrosis.

6. Certain Medications Certain medications may result in changes in body temperature, making you sweat more profusely.