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6 Rainbow Food & Cocktail Recipes In Honour Of The LGBTQIA+ Community

Ingredients For the dressing – ¼ cup olive oil – 2 tbsp white wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar – ¼ tsp black pepper – ½ tsp salt – 2 cloves garlic (minced) For the veggies – 1 red bell pepper (chopped) – 1 orange bell pepper (chopped) – 16 cherry tomatoes – 1 yellow squash (chopped) – 1 green bell pepper (chopped) – 1 zucchini (cut into ½-inch slices) – 1 large red onion (chopped)

1. Rainbow Veggie Skewers

Steps – Take a mixing bowl and add all the veggies. Give the bowl a good shake, so that the veggies get mixed up. – Add salt and pepper. – Pour the orange vinaigrette dressing and give the veggies a good toss again and then serve fresh.

2. Rainbow Salad

Ingredients – 1½ pounds strawberries/ apples for then red colour – 5 kiwis for the green colour – 3 mangoes for the yellow colour – 1 pound blueberries for the violet colour Steps – Wash the fruits thoroughly and chop them into equal, bite-sized pieces – Add the strawberries or apples as the bottom layer, followed by layers of mangoes, kiwis, and blueberries respectively. – Refrigerate for a few hours and serve chilled.

3. Rainbow Fruit Cup

Ingredients – 16.5 oz classic white cake mix – 3 cups water – ¾ cup all-purpose flour – ¾ cup oil – 9 large egg whites – Food colouring gels of all the rainbow colours – 16 oz creamy white frosting – Buttercream decorating icing of all the rainbow colours – Sprinkles of all the 7 colours of the rainbow

4. Rainbow Confetti Cake

Steps – For the violet layer, simmer the lemon juice and blueberries on medium-high heat to soften the fruit and allow it to release its juice. Pass the fruit through a sieve to remove the seeds and skin. Pour milk and maple syrup to the blueberry juice and blend well. Transfer the juice equally into each of the 5 plastic cups. – For all the other colours, blend the ingredients for each of the colours separately and pass the mixtures through a sieve to segregate the skin and/or seeds. – Place a stick into the violet colour and refrigerate the violet layer for 45 minutes or until the layer is firm but not entirely frozen. Repeat the same for all the other layers in the order of green, yellow, orange, and red. – Freeze overnight. To take the popsicles out of the glasses, run cold water on its side and, ta-da, the rainbow popsicles are ready to be slurped off!

5. Rainbow Popsicles

Steps – Take grenadine in a glass, preferably a hurricane glass. – Fill the glass with crushed ice. – Blend the coconut-flavoured rum and pineapple juice in a measuring cup and then slowly pour them into the glass. – Pour water and blue curacao into the glass slowly over the layer of rum and pineapple. – Garnish with an orange slice or peel before serving it chilled.

6. Rainbow Paradise

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