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6 Makeup Products To get you Wedding-Ready

Eyeliner Aside from your basic black eyeliner, pick up a few different colours in case you want to try something new spontaneously on a whim.

Kajal Kajal ke bina to list adhuri hai, purchase a black smudge free kajal pencil that will last you even after the shadi season is over.

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Mascara Go for a waterproof (check the reviews) long lasting mascara that will add more life to your lashes and make them look fuller and longer. You can also put on a pair of lashes, if you love them long and prominent.

Highlighter Just a sweep of a highlighter across your face can add definition to your cheeks and nose, making these features prominent like no other makeup product can.

Setting Spray Applying all that makeup is going to take time and you don’t want all that to go to waste, right? A good setting spray will ensure that does not happen.

Lipstick All your looks are incomplete without the last dab of your favourite lipstick. Carry a few shades like nudes, reds and pinks that compliment your skin and always keep extras in hand just in case.