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6 Makeup Products That Your Bridal Kitty Should Have

1. Primer If you want your skin to properly breathe and have a glowing face all day and night, a good quality primer is absolutely essential.

2. Foundation Or BB Cream You can either go for a foundation which gives you full coverage or choose a BB cream nearest to your shade for a more laid back option. Make sure your base is even because otherwise it would ruin your pictures.

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3. Concealer Coming right after your foundation is your concealer, although not always necessary you should definitely have it on hand in case you stay up late one night and wake up to dark circles.

4. Face Powder A must for summer weddings if you want your makeup to look matte finished all day.

5. Blush For that flushed and fresh look, a little blush goes a long way. It adds more definition to your face and cheekbones.

6. Eyeshadow Palette Pick up a versatile palette that has all the basic colours and a range of nude shades that will compliment all your shaadi looks.