6 Lifestyle Changes To  Prevent The Onset Of Osteoporosis

World  Osteoporosis Day 

1. Follow A Balanced Diet A good quality diet plays a vital role in preventing osteoporosis as it helps to prevent obesity. Extra weight puts additional strain on the bones, which can then cause bone fractures.

2. Regular Exercise Staying active is the key to maintaining our bone mass. With age, it becomes essential to stay physically active as it can help the body stay fit and avoid unnecessary health complications.

3. Consume Vitamin D Supplements With the high pollution level, it has become difficult for humans to get their required quota of sunlight.

4. Drink Alcohol In Moderation While there is no issue in occasionally drinking alcohol, it is best to do so in moderation.

5. Preventing Falls To Avoid Fractures As people age, they are at a higher risk of falling and fractures. To prevent this, it is essential that they have good railings along the stairs and handles in the bathrooms of their homes.

6. Regular Screening For Osteoporosis In the elderly population & people with high-risk factors, DEXA SCAN, the investigation of choice for diagnosis is highly recommended.