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6 Facts About How Your Skin Changes During Periods, According To Dermatologist Dr Singh

A female undergoes hormonal changes throughout the menstrual cycle.

1. Woman’s skin changes during her menstruation cycle

Through the cycle, the skin reacts in different ways.

2. Skin issues that arise during one’s cycle

Pre-period time is around day 25-28 (in a 28day menstrual cycle). Around this time the progesterone levels are high and PMS symptoms are also peaking.

3. Skincare routine & tips during the menstrual cycle

Moisturiser is the best friend of skin. Here are a few points that can help: – Hydrate yourself well with 2-3 litres of water

4. A moisturiser to reduce the redness and increased sensitivity

Treating a single pimple takes me 5-6 days, for treating dark spots left by pimples needs 2-3 months, and treating a scar is not possible.

5. Acne scars take time to heal

All acne is under the control of hormones. Some hormonal changes are natural to a lady’s monthly cycles, and the age of pimples is usually 15-35 years (from puberty till the 30s).

6. Lifestyle tips to follow for better period skin

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