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6 DIY Skincare To Keep Dry Skin Hydrated During Winters

Lip Scrub Your lips have relatively very less natural defence against the various drying factors they frequently encounter. You can keep your lips looking and feeling their best with a little prevention and the aid of soothing home remedies for chapped lips.

Fruity Moisturisation The papaya enzyme called papain works as a potent skin exfoliant to remove dead skin cells, which can leave the face looking lighter and more supple.

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Milk & Cream Two of the best natural moisturisers available are milk and milk cream (malai).

Ghee Goodness If you apply a pinch of this natural substance to any dry spot throughout the winter, you will see effects right away.

Stay Away From Super-Hot Showers Your skin’s natural moisture evaporates more quickly when you use hot water too frequently.