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6 Bridal Footwear Styles That You Can Add To Cart

Footwear is an extension of your personality. No wonder, people often  prefer to make a first impression of you through the shoes you’re  wearing and how clean they are. It is not only a mirror for the person  that you are, but it talks volumes about how organised and sorted you  are in your life. Footwear completes a wardrobe and introduces the  much-needed final finishing touches to the look you want to flaunt for  the day. Rightly said, it’s all in the details, and footwear is an  accessory that can make or break your look.

Kitten Heels If pencil heels seem too high but not wearing high stilettos on your  D-Day is causing a major FOMO, the kitten heel will fill the void in  your wardrobe. Delicate and femme, the heels are a “go-to” for all those  days when you want to sport a semi-formal look. Want to look  fashionable without being too experimental, kitten heels may just be  what you’re looking for.

Gladiators Apart from sneakers, gladiators is yet another footwear option you can explore for achieving that hatke look. If you’re looking for a destination wedding, especially amidst  European locales, this style is perfect in metallic tones to brighten up  the simplest of outfits. If metallic is so not you, you can stick to  nude shades in matte or glitters. Or, in case you’re a mix-n-match type  of girl, choose a hue that colour blocks your outfit for your footwear  to be a conversation-starter.

Slip-Ons Yet another pair that is well suited for the days that need you to be  on toes all day long, pick them with embellishment or a pop colour. For  embellishments, you can explore ones with pearls, tassels, beadwork,  threadwork, or a combination of two or more of these. They can be worn  everywhere and with anything.

Flat-Forms Perfect for those who say, “I love my flats but need to wear heels”.  This heel gives you the most-coveted subtle look of natural height of  stilettos and the comfort of your flats as it enables you to ditch the  steep arch. It gives you the best of both worlds, quite literally, so  you don’t need to take the tough decision to choose between them. Invest  in one that suits your personality and the bridal wear you want to pair  it with and, ta-da, you’re sorted fashion-wise for one more event.

Pumps Definitely not everyone’s cuppa, but always topping everyone’s  wish-list. Pick them in a metallic shade to fill your fashion needs for  every party. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that your footwear  collection remains incomplete without one of these sitting pretty in  your footwear wardrobe.

Peep Toes Not forgetting the most versatile customisable style. Wear them in  wedge heels or block heels, they are the style that can make any outfit  look extravagant. Pick them up either in the same or contrasting colour  as the outfit you plan to pair it with. Peep-toes are a big “yes” for  the Big Day.

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