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5 Yoga Poses To Strengthen Your Pelvic Floor After Pregnancy

1. Child’s Pose

This gentle yoga pose focuses on alleviating your head, neck, and chest pain. It also opens the pelvic floor, hips, and low back.

2. Mountain Pose

This pose tones and strengthens your abdomen, pelvis, torso, and back.

3. Bridge Pose

Bridge pose is great for relieving discomfort caused by your spine. It helps strengthen your legs while at the same time stretching the hip flexors. It also opens your shoulders and chest. These can be quite tight after childbirth.

4. Cow Face Pose

Cow face is great for stretching your hips, as well as your neck and shoulders. Practising this pose on both your sides will help combat the shoulder hunch that happens when you’re holding the baby for a long time.

5. Standing Forward Bend

Standing Forward Bend calms your brain and helps relieve stress. This pose also stimulates the liver and kidneys. It also stretches your hamstrings, calves, and hips.

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