5 World Heart Day Facts  That You Must Know

World Heart Day

1. Global Awareness Day Celebrated on September 29th every year, World Heart Day acts  like a global platform in order to promote heart-healthy lifestyles & raise awareness of heart diseases.

2. Initiated By World Heart Federation The World Heart Day was originally started by the World Heart Federation, which is a Geneva-based global non-governmental organization in Switzerland.

3. Heart Disease = Leading Cause of Death Did you know that heart disease is actually the #1 cause of death in the world, and accounts for more than 17 million deaths each year?

4. Key Messages There are many important messages that the World Heart Day promotes, like the need to adopt a healthy diet, avoid the use of tobacco, exercise regularly. 

5. Digital Awareness In today’s digital age, World Heart Day utilises all the various online platforms to spread awareness with strategies like the hashtag: #WorldHeartDay.