5 Workout Tips To Tone Your Body & Maximise Gains, Straight From A Celebrity Fitness Trainer


Correct technique and form is the number one priority. Don’t be in a rush and take your time with each and every rep (repetition) and make it worth it.


Once you have achieved efficiency in all your lifts and movements—whether freehand or weighted—you can now start playing around with tempo. Tempo means the speed of the movement when you’re exercising or lifting.

Range Of Motion

Range of motion plays a very important role in stressing the muscle but also in making sure that you keep your joints flexible and healthy.


Use moderately heavy weights and aim for 30 reps. About 6 to 8 reps put more stress on the nervous system, but the focus should be to avoid stressing the nervous system and go for the muscular system.

Rest Periods

You can shock the body and the muscles by creating a metabolic effect which means you are playing around with the 3 energy pathways which are ATP, GLYCOGEN and AEROBIC.