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5 Ways To Wear A Dupatta With A Lehenga

If there’s any outfit that can be styled to suit any event or occasion, it’s a lehenga! This must-have traditional ensemble can be transitioned from bridalwear to partywear or even festive wear. And let’s not forget the dozens of pre-wedding celebrations! Be it the engagement party, haldi, mehendi or the reception, you can never go wrong with a lehenga. And with so many lehenga styles available out there, it is not really that difficult to what you are looking for.

Around The Neck Drape Method: 1. Simply fold the dupatta and wear it around your neck. 2. Alternatively, you can pleat the dupatta on one side and leave it open on the other before putting it around the neck.

Over One Shoulder Drape Method: 1. Pin your dupatta over one shoulder. 2. Let it fall freely. 3. Alternatively, you can pleat your dupatta before pinning it at the shoulder.

Styling Two Dupattas Method: 1. Pleat the heavier dupatta diagonally over one shoulder. 2. Place the lighter one over your head. Pin it up to keep it in place.

Cowl Gather Drape Method: 1. Gather your dupatta like a cowl and pin it at the shoulders to secure it in place. 2. Alternatively, you can leave it open

Asymmetrical Drape Method: 1. Make a pleated central drape at your right shoulder. Let the front end flow freely. 2. Now bring the other back end of your dupatta to the front. Let your left arm be covered under the dupatta. 3. Drape it in off-shoulder cowl style. It should be wrapped around and finally secured at the right shoulder.

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