5 Ways To Use Red Wine In Your Skin Care Routine

Honey & Red Wine For Skin Lightening

Red wine for skin whitening is yet another red wine benefit for skin that works as an instant magic potion. For people with dark patches or tanning issues, this one is an instant remedy to be used.

Cucumber & Red Wine For Instant Glowing Skin

Red wine is not just a great home remedy for instant glow but also helps in delaying the ageing effects which are visible on your face.

Remove Skin Tanning With Tomato & Red Wine

Tomato in itself has anti-inflammatory properties, which is good to remove tanning and has skin lightening features too. Here is an amazing remedy using red wine for a glow.

Honey, Yoghurt & Red Wine For Improving Skin Texture

The three main ingredients – honey, yoghurt, and red wine have properties that are helpful for improving skin texture and acne removal. The production of sebum is controlled with the three ingredients.

Red Wine Face Mask

Wrinkles are one of the signs of ageing. Using a red wine pack on your face will help in rejuvenating your skin and increase skin’s elasticity.

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