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5 Ways To Up Your Autumn-Winter Style With Layering

5 Tips To Master The Art Of Layering 1. The Power Of The Suit

You can never go wrong with a well-tailored suiting option; whether you wear a set or DIY with separates, keep the look effortless with a slouchy white tucked-in tee underneath your jacket. You can wear a blazer over a dress or use jeans and a plain t-shirt, everything works. However, keep in mind the colour combinations.

2. Magic Of The White Shirt

The versatility of a crisp white button-down knows no bounds. Layer it beneath a sweater vest—or even a bustier—for a creative outfit with a fun twist. You can combine it with jeans or pants. A white classic shirt can create a casual and work look easily! You can accessorise your office look with a tie and a handbag. For a casual date look, style it with funky jewellery.

3. Play Around With Sweater Vests

The sweater vest is the new fashion trend for the fall and winter seasons! The sweater vest allows you to have fun with statement sleeves and different collars. You can wear over a classic plaid or solid button-down, as it keeps the look polished yet adds more of a laid back feel.

4. Classy Blue Ripped Denim Jeans

You can combine this single piece with multiple others and create thousands of new outfits! Pair it with a white shirt and put on a black shrug or overcoat and you’ll get an instantly gorgeous outfit (that is also effortless)! When it comes to denim, you can also use t-shirts, crop tops, blazers, ponchos and jackets.

5. Perfect Outer Layer

For the outer layer, any type of coat, jacket, trench, poncho, cape, shawl or even a vest can work. Obviously, this will be the most exposed piece and the wrap that ties all your other layers together. Think about the length of your outerwear in relation to all of the other clothing. Going longer is the typical route, but a crop jacket may work best with your other pieces.

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