5 Ways To Keep Donated  Food Fresh!

1. Temperature While hot food is a boon, packaging hot food in plastic containers does more harm than good. The food should be completely cooked & then left to cool down a little.

2. Packaging Solid, spill-proof packaging is a must while donating food. While plastic containers are cheap, make sure you reuse them instead of throwing them away.

3. Cleanliness The pandemic has created even more awareness about the need  for cleanliness. This has become  a key part of all food production, packaging and cooking.

4. Expiry Dates While donating packed items to langars and organisations, make sure you check the expiry dates. Buy food with a long shelf life and expiry date that’s months away.

5. Hygienic Delivery The mask has become a compulsory part of our lives for good. But that’s not enough when it comes to handling and delivering food.