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5 Ways To Create A Space For Better Mental Health

So, Here Are 5 Tips For Mindful Home Decor That You Must-Try: 1. Get Colour Happy

Most decor magazines may say the hot new trend is to paint one wall of your room burgundy, but that doesn’t mean it’s the right decision for you. Colour psychology has always been present and it studies the effect certain colours have on your mood and emotions. Like our feelings, colours can be divided into three groups: Active, Passive, and Neutral.

2. Use Positive Accents

Hanging a painting on every wall may make you look mature and cultured but don’t do it for those reasons. Do it because it brings you joy. And, that’s true with all your accents. Keep decor elements that make you feel positive, loved and remind you of your best times at eye level. In fact, there should be more than one element like this in each room.

3. Prep The Bed

All Indian mummies have at one time or another howled at their kids: “Drawing room mein mat baitho, mehmaan aa gaye toh?”. And that’s why, even as adults, we often focus on the living room when it comes to decor. We know it will be used most often, and usually, outsiders don’t make it further than the living room, so we focus on keeping it in order while ignoring everything else.

4. Make Way For Some Light

Have you ever heard of people suffering from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) during winters? Often referred to as the winter blues, light therapy is used to deal with this condition. Studies indicate that exposure to natural daylight can alleviate depression and sleep disorders.

5. Create A Corner That’s Sacred To You

Creating a corner that’s sacred doesn’t exclusively indicate creating a dedicated space for religious, spiritual, or meditation practices. While you can choose to do so, it can also mean creating a space that’s your own alone and is the spot where you can focus on an activity or passion that brings you joy.

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